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Fraud Investigations & Prevention, Internet Fraud, Loan Verification, Corporate Fraud, Insurance FraudFraud investigations cover a vast area. We have listed some of the fraud cases that we have covered and services we offer to private and commercial clients.

Internet Fraud

We have a specialist team on hand to assist with internet purchase fraud as we are receiving more and more requests to assist in these kinds of offences. We use advanced systems to assist in tracing the offending individual often with our intelligence gained being handed to the police for convictions.

We also deal with cases where clients have met and started a relationship with individuals on the internet, usually from a different part of the UK or even from another country. We can clarify if an individual is genuinely who they say they are and gain lifestyle intelligence on individual’s.

Loan Verification Service (Fraud Prevention)

This service is offered to banks, building societies, insurance and corporate clients. When a loan is in the process of being accepted, we can send one of our investigators to clarify the applicants address and personal details to prevent any fraudulent loans being approved.

Corporate Fraud

Nearly a quarter of small businesses in the UK will suffer theft or fraud from employee’s. We specialise in investigating commercial fraud which can range from investigating theft of company data to covert surveillance to establish who is stealing company property.

Insurance Fraud

Fraudulent insurance claims are a significant problem in the UK and growing. We are here to help establish the facts on a claim, this could cover injury or property claims, and the severity of the claim. These fraudulent claims affect everyone in the UK as the costs of insurance rise, so our aim is to try and help with this ever growing problem. We are able to offer discreet covert surveillance to establish the facts and build a case for our client.


Covering a large area of theft investigations, we have a team of specialists on hand to deal with your case.

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We are registered under the Data Protection Act so all of your personal information is stored in a controlled environment. Under no circumstances will the operation or your details be revealed to any third party.

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