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Cohabitation SurveillanceCohabitation surveillance is conducted for a variety of reasons; solicitors and private clients often require this service to support its client in post-divorce maintenance payment cases and financial settlement cases.

Local authorities request the service for fraudulent benefit support claims.

We are here to provide the proof of co-habituating to ensure the offending individual is not over paid child maintenance or government benefits.  

The first question to ask is what evidence is acceptable? Our experience tells us that cohabitation can be difficult to define; there are many factors that a court will look at when deciding on a case.  We understand the requirements are not as simple as a few nights cohabitation surveillance to prove this.  When we carry out our operation there are many facts we are looking for to support the claim of cohabitation, thus ensuring we have a solid case if it ever reaches court, however we have found our evidence often allows our client to avoid a court hearing once the proof we have obtained is submitted to the offenders solicitor.

We use the most up to date high tech equipment and have a highly dedicated team of specialist private investigators to deal with your case.  

Upon conclusion, a full written report with photographic and/or video evidence of findings will be submitted to support the case.

We offer our services at very reasonable rates. Please email us at  or call 0845 658 8470 / 07824 331 230 for further details on our Cohabitation Surveillance or to obtain a free no obligation quote.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act so all of your personal information is stored in a controlled environment. Under no circumstances will the operation or your details be revealed to any third party.

Cohabitation Surveillance


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