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Why every business should carry out background checks on employees

Many businesses claim that they are just too busy to perform background checks on potential new employees, but this kind of dismissive attitude towards background checks could be costing your business thousands of pounds. Hiring a professional company to perform detailed background checks on potential employees is an easy and cost effective way of ensuring that you make the right hiring decisions.

Hiring the right people for your business first time is extremely important; if you get it wrong it will cost you more time and money to start recruiting all over again. Shocking statistics have shown that 50% of employees lie or exaggerate on their CVs to get the job. These lies could be to do with their previous employment history, their education, or even more worryingly, their criminal record.

Saves time and money

Recruiting a new employee can be extremely costly for your business. Costs that you may incur include fees to list the job vacancy, fees to pay recruitment agencies, and days, weeks or months of your business’ time searching for and interviewing potential candidates. If you recruit someone and then it doesn’t work out you will also incur costs training this person and paying their wage for the duration of their employment. The financial repercussions that you’re faced with when you hire the wrong person can easily run into the thousands, hiring a professional company to carry out proper background checks can eliminate these extra costs.

When you’re looking to recruit a new member of staff it can be a very disrupting time for your business, especially if your new employee doesn’t turn out to be quite what you thought they’d be. If your new recruit has lied on their CV and cannot perform in their position then it can affect the morale of your other staff and negatively affect your business’s profits.

Peace of mind

With so many businesses telling horror stories about the star candidate that they hired who turned out to have a criminal record and had lied their way into the job, it’s easy to feel worried at the prospect of hiring a new member of staff. However, if you hire a professional company like Foxglove Surveillance to investigate your candidates’ background before you make any hiring decisions then it will give you peace of mind that you are investing wisely.

Hiring a professional company like Foxglove Surveillance will give you peace of mind that you are making the right hiring decision as well as saving you time and money in the long run.

Created on 7th October 2013



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