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Tracing – Child Support Agency

Our Trace Department conduct hundreds of traces each year. There are so many reasons for people requiring our trace services. A large amount of our trace work is for debt recovery related matters, and we are seeing an influx of requests from parents that don’t seem to be having any luck with the CSA tracing system! We are able to conclude and trace a lot of absconded parents that the Child Support Agency don’t seem able to trace. We have provided a case study below, we hope you enjoy reading!  

Case Study

Our trace team had a case a few months ago involving a female that wanted to trace the father of her child who had gone into hiding for 16 years and she hadn’t received a penny in maintenance. He had moved each time the CSA caught up with him before making a payment and again the trace process continued over and over again for years.

Our female client rang us at the end of her tether as the CSA where unable to trace him for the past 2 years, one of our tracing specialists got to work and supplied the client with a positive trace within 24 hours! Our client was very sceptical to pay for our services initially as she couldn’t believe we were able to trace him so quick, whilst the CSA where unable to provide a positive trace within the 2 years they had been looking. At one point we hit a stale mate as we were unable to provide her with the information without payment, however in the end she decided she had no choice but to pay for the trace and the result were provided to her. The client contacted us after a few weeks to confirm the information we provided was correct, however he had moved again! We initiated a further search and confirmed his new address which she again provided to the CSA.

We received a further email from her last week, to advise that as we had traced him so quickly it seems he realised moving wasn’t going to help him absconder his debt, she advised that there is now a payment schedule in place and she is a lot better off and she has 16 years of back payments to look forward to! Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending!

Created on 2nd October 2013



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