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Latest Private Investigation Licensing News
From 6 April 2015, all regulated security businesses will need to hold an SIA business licence.
Created on 30th October 2013

How to tell if you think your partner is being unfaithful
Live with a person for a certain amount of time and you get used to their little quirks and can pretty much predict their behaviour.
Created on 28th October 2013

Child Protection – Case Study
Our most recent case concerned a young girl aged 4 years, who was living with her mother and partner.
Created on 25th October 2013

Background Checks (CRB) – Oil Companies
We receive background requests for various reasons, recently we have received an influx of instructions from Oil & Gas company employees.
Created on 22nd October 2013

Don’t believe all that you read in the papers!  - Case Study
We were contacted a few months back by a gentleman who wished to trace his father that he had lost contact with at birth.
Created on 17th October 2013

Internet Fraud – Case Study
We were approached by a corporate client who had advised they were receiving orders for expensive vehicle parts via the internet from cards they identified as being stolen after the order had been delivered.
Created on 12th October 2013

Who uses the services of a Private Investigator or Enquiry Agent?
Here at Foxglove we have a wide range of clients, including Solicitors, Insurance companies, Estate Agents, Private companies and Private clients for personal matters.
Created on 9th October 2013

Why every business should carry out background checks on employees
Many businesses claim that they are just too busy to perform background checks on potential new employees.
Created on 7th October 2013

Have you conducted Due Diligence when using a Private Investigator?
The Association of British Investigators are the sole UK Private Investigation Association that has been endorsed by the Law Society.  The Law Society recognise the extent the ABI has gone to protect members clients.
Created on 4th October 2013

Tracing – Child Support Agency
Our Trace Department conduct hundreds of traces each year.  There are so many reasons for people requiring our trace services.   

Created on 2nd October 2013

10 Signs that your home or workplace maybe bugged
Do you ever get the feeling that someone’s been eavesdropping on your conversations?
Created on 8th November 2013

Landlord/Estate Agent Tracing Cases
A large part of our business consists of conducting traces.
Created on 6th May 2014